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Red Vein Removal

An advanced non-evasive treatment to clear thread, spider, facial and broken veins. It is safe, effective and provides reliable, long term results.

Using advanced light, laser and Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), Harmony targets the affected blood vessels beneath the skin, eliminating these unsightly blemishes. Leaving your skin clear and giving you renewed confidence.

Patch test...£20

*All prices per session


Before Red Vein Removal


After Red Vein Removal

Pigmentation Removal

Lifecycle and hormonal changes can affect the distribution of colour (melanin) in our skin leading to the appearance of sun and age spots.

Harmony’s light based and laser treatments remove the appearance of spots and pigmentation by targeting the melanin in the darkened area, clearing all layers of the pigmentation and revealing even-toned, unblemished skin.

The treatments are safe and effective for all skin types.

Patch test...£20
1 area...£80
2 areas...£120
3 areas...£160

*All prices per session


Before Pigmentation Removal


After Pigmentation Removal

ClearSkin Treatment

While there are many treatment options available for acne, both prescription and over-the-counter, these do not always work for everyone. When acne is particularly stubborn or severe, a more advanced solution may be needed.

Harmony’s acne laser treatment uses a combination of laser technology, simultaneous contact cooling for more comfortable treatment and a unique vacuum mechanism to deep clean the skin and help prevent breakouts. The treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Patch test...£20
Full Face...£100
Back...from £100-£300

*All prices per session


Before ClearSkin Treatment


After ClearSkin Treatment

Book your consultation...

Book a no-obligation Laser Skin Rejuvenation consultation with one of our specialists. We will discuss your skin concerns and treatment outcomes and answer any questions you may have.

Consultations are £20, but this is redeemable against any treatment booked at the consultation.

All appointment bookings and purchases made are in line with our terms and conditions.

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