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What is i-Lipo?

i-Lipo is a new revolutionary system that uses low level lasers for smoothing cellulite, fat reduction, and body shaping treatments.

What to expect from your i-Lipo treatment?

The intelligent alternative to liposuction. i-Lipo is the latest lipolysis, offering you a way to achieve inch loss and body contouring:

  • without pain
  • without needles
  • without downtime

How does i-Lipo work?

The i-Lipo uses a low level of visible red laser light to stimulate the body’s natural processes to empty the stored fat content inside fat cells.

The laser light is gently absorbed into the individual fat cells in the treatment area, temporarily opening pores in the cell wall through which the cell contents can escape. This does not affect the neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves.

The contents of the cell are collected by the lymphatic system and transported to areas of the body where they can be metabolised into energy during exercise. This metabolism of the cell contents permanently removes form the body leaving smaller fat cells and giving you inch loss.

A course of 8 treatments is recommended per body area, with twice weekly appointments so body reshaping can be complete in four weeks.


Before i-Lipo Fat Reduction


After i-Lipo Fat Reduction

Why not combine i-Lipo fat reduction with the power of CACI Body Toning?

How does CACI Body Toning work?

CACI Body Toning targets specific problem areas like the buttocks, stomach and legs.

Use of a microcurrent allows the muscles to be toned. This treatment is extremely effective when paired with i-Lipo, resulting in simultaneous fat breakdown and toning.

i-Lipo Fat Reduction price guide

i-Lipo course of 8 treatments...£500
i-Lipo with CACI Toning...£125
i-Lipo with CACI Body Toning course of 8 treatments...£960
CACI Body Toning...£60
Course of 6 CACI Body Toning...£300
Course of 10 CACI Body Toning...£480

Interested to learn more about our CACI Face & Body treatments?

Visit our CACI treatments here.

Book your consultation...

Book a no-obligation i-Lipo Fat Reduction consultation with one of our specialists. We will discuss your skin concerns and treatment outcomes and answer any questions you may have.

Consultations are £20, but this is redeemable against any treatment booked at the consultation.

All appointment bookings and purchases made are in line with our terms and conditions.

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