Jessica Treatments

The mark of a truly elegant woman is her hands so whether you have dry, brittle damaged, soft or normal nails, the upscale nail treatments from Jessica enable any woman to grow beautiful nails naturally in just weeks.


JESSICA Upscale Deluxe Manicure

Add the Jessica hand cream with the heated mittens and you have the ultimate super deluxe ever.

Treatment and Polish      1 hour                 £29
Treatment only                45 hour                £27


Jessica Upscale Manicure

Full hand and nail treatment, including cuticle care, nail shape & varnish, hand massage.

Treatment and Polish        30 hour        £21
Treatment only                   45 mins        £24


French Manicure

A full manicure with the elegant touch of white tips to enhance the natural look. £26


Nail Shape & Varnish

Shaping the nails and polish. 30 mins     £16


Paraffin Wax Treatment

Excellent treatment for people who suffer from arthritis, eczema, inflammation, psoriasis or stiff joints. Skin will be highly moisturised

as well as circulation being increased.

Full pedicure with polish    1 hour 30 mins     £45.00
Full pedicure with treatment only     1 hour 15 mins     £38.50

Full manicure with polish     1 hour 15 mins     £40.00
Full manicure with treatment only     1 hour     £34.00


JESSICA Zenspa Deluxe Pedicure

A full pedicure, including polish, plus a luxurious foot treatment using Jessica heated booties.

Treatment and Polish           1 hour      £30
Treatment only                      45 hour    £28


JESSICA Zenspa Pedicure

Full foot treatment, including removal of hard skin, nail & cuticle care, foot and leg massage and polish.

Treatment and Polish             1 hour 15 mins     £29
Treatment applied only         1 hour                    £26

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